Mixed Gender

Therapist Robert Hsiung, MD and Hannah Weiss, LPC
Group Category Mixed Gender
Specialty (if applicable) Interpersonal Process
Day Offered Thursday
Time 6:15 - 7:30 p.m.
Street 122 South Michigan Avenue
City, State, Zip Chicago, IL 60603
Contact phone number 773-413-0227 or 847-732-9436
Email address office@dr-bob.org or hannayrayweiss@gmail.com
Web site Office.dr-bob.org or hannahweiss.org
Group Description There are different sides to each of us.  Our different sides can both complement and conflict with each other and with the different sides of others. This psychotherapy group offers a superb opportunity to explore and work on the relationships between your different sides and between you and others. We welcome group members who reflect different sides of our society. In fact, our preference is for a diverse group; for example, in terms of marital status, religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political orientation, and social class. After all, we ourselves are both different and collaborating in this work.


Group's Contact and Meeting Location

Therapist: Robert Hsiung, MD
Phone: 773-413-0227

      122 S Michigan Avenue
      Chicago, IL 60603