Mixed Gender

Therapist Jamie Elizabeth Klausing, Somatic Movement Specialist
Group Category Mixed Gender
Specialty (if applicable) Music Mindfulness / Meditation for Stress Reduction
Day Offered Fridays, bi-weekly
Time 11:00 a.m. – noon
Street 30 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 424
City, State, Zip Chicago, IL 60602
Contact phone number 312-279-9981, ext. 707
Email address jamie@mindbodycoop.com
Web site www.mindbodycoop.com
Group Description Therapeutic Movement, NIA, and Reiki are used to teach members how to relax the body and how to meditate to reduce stress and anxiety.

Group's Contact and Meeting Location

Therapist: Jamie Elizabeth Klausing
Phone: 312-279-9981

      Mind Body Co-Op
      30 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 424
      Chicago, IL 60602